History of ICEEE

ICEEE 2016

The Excelent presentations in ICEEE 2016 are announced!

Session 1:

Presented by
Oktay Koç, Epoka University, Albania

Session 2:

Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel inverter by the mean of PSO Algorithm
Presented by
Yahya Naderi, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran

Session 3:

Utilization of Solar Power in Distributing Substation
Presented by Abdulgader ALSHARIF
University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Electric and Electronic Engineering Department, Turkey

Session 4:

Wireless ultra-wide band transmission of (bio)signals
Presented by A. Gabrielli, INFN & University of Bologna, Italy

Session 5:

Performance Comparison of Adaptive Fuzzy Type-2 and Conventional Control Strategies in Control of 2-DOF Helicopter
Presented by Djaber Maouche, Çukurova University, Turkey

Session 5:

Indoor Radio Propagation Studies at Lower End of UHF Band
Presented by Şeyma Tütüncü, Atılım University, Turkey

ICEEE 2015

ICEEE 2015 had been held during April 28-29, 2015 in Ankara, Turkey in Gazi University.

The Excelent presentations in ICEEE 2015 are announced!

Session 1

Optimal Control Design for a Four-gear Automobile: A Hybrid Systems Approach

Presented by Seyyed Vahid Ghooshkhaane'ie

University of Shahrood, Iran

Session 2

Fiber Dispersive Effect in Radio over Fiber for Multigigabit Transmission

Presented by Pooria Varahram

University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Session 3

Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motor by Real Time Monitoring and Controlling of the Motor Parameters

Presented by Mehmet Fatih Işık

Hitit University, Faculty of Engineering, Çorum, Turkey

ICEEE 2014

The Excelent presentation papers of ICEEE 2014 was announced:

Session 1:
An Obstacle Detection and Guidance System for Mobility of Visually Impaired in Unfamiliar Indoor Environments
Presented by Mustahsan Mir 
Ajman University of Science & Technology., U.A.E.

Session 2:
Impact of Line Current Harmonics on the DC Bus Quality of a Three-Phase PWM Inverter

Presented by Saeid Haghbin 
Electric Power Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
          Session 3: 
Design and Implementation of Meter Simulator for Smartgrid Technology
Presented by Hyunjeong Lee
ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), South Korea

Simulation of Deadbeatcontrolled Buck Converter
Presented by H. Huseyin SAYAN
Gazi University, TURKEY