ICEEE 2022

2022 9th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering | Alanya, Turkey | March 29-31, 2022


The 9th ICEEE conference is hybrid conference. The offline venue was Miracle Resort Lara Antalya, Alanya, Turkey. The onsite registration date was March 29, 2022. The talk started from March 30, 2022. The keynote speakers were Prof. Leopoldo Angrisani, IEEE Fellow, University of Napoli Federico II, Italy; Prof. Falko Dressler, IEEE Fellow, U Berlin, Germany; Prof. Mohamed Benbouzid, IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, University of Brest, France; and Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin ÜVET, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.


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Conference Photos     Conference Photos     Conference Co-chair & Host: Cengiz TAPLAMACIOĞLU, Gazi University, Turkey     Conference Chair: Mahir DURSUN, Gazi University, Turkey
Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Leopoldo Angrisani
    Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Falko Dressler,
    Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Mohamed Benbouzid
    Keynote Speaker:
Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin ÜVET
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Session 1: Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Analysis of HfO2 and ZrO2 as High-K Dielectric for CMOS Nano Devices
Presenter: Salahuddin Zafar, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey


Session 2: Power Systems and Energy
FE Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Coreless Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Generator
Presenter: Tareq El-Hasan, Zarqa University, Jordan


Session 3: Communication and Information Technology
Microwave Imaging of Breast Cancer: Analysis of SAR and Electric Field using Flexible antennas with Breast Phantom
Presenter: Maryam Liaqat, University of Okara, Pakistan


Session 4: Computer and Computer Vision
Development of Prosthetic Robotic Arm with Patient Monitoring System for Disabled Children; Preliminary Results
Presenter: Abdul Nasir Bin Abd Ghafar, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia


Session 5: Power Electronics and Smart Grid
A Complete Design of Series Resonant Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System for Battery-less Systems
Presenter: Anılcan Budak, Aselsan, Turkey


Session 6: Graphics and Image Processing
edaGAN: Encoder-Decoder Attention Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-contrast MR Image Synthesis
Presenter: Onat Dalmaz, Bilkent University, Turkey


Session 7: Computer and Computer Vision
Netflix User and Movies Interest Analysis for Asian Countries
Presenter: Noraziahtulhidayu Kamarudin, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia


Session 8: Advanced Electronic Technology and Application
An Ultra-Low-Power Process-and-Temperature Compensated Ring Oscillator
Presenter: Hazem Hassan Hammam, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Session 9: Electronics and Communication Engineering
SIGW based Bi-directional Coupler for Ku-Band Applications
Presenter: M.S.H.Salah El-Din, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Session 10: Control Systems and Engineering
Hybrid Parallel-Serial UPURP Manipulator for Inspection and Invasive Procedures
Presenter: Mohammad Alkhedher, Abu Dhabi University, UAE